About the podcast

This podcast aims to provide an entertaining look at the entirety of Bulgarian history from the early origins of the Slavs and Proto-Bulgarians to the present day. Episodes are in chronological order. We hope that the podcast will be a useful resource for both Bulgarians who want to learn more about their own history and foreigners who want to learn more about Bulgaria.

Why are we doing this

On the most basic level, everyone who helps with this project cares about about history and about Bulgaria. History is an important aspect of any society and when it is misunderstood or misused it can be terribly damaging. By increasing the knowledge and understanding of Bulgarian history in both Bulgaria and abroad we believe we can do our small part in making things better for Bulgaria today.

About Eric Halsey

Eric is an American who has lived in Bulgaria for 5 years and has been studying Bulgarian history for much longer. He is from the suburbs of Washington D.C. but after having lived around Bulgaria and Hungary for several years he’s currently living in and falling in love with Sofia. He is passionate about teaching and the importance of history in our everyday lives. He also enjoys American Folk Music, cooking, hiking, and travel.